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What is the Segmentation Engine?

The Segmentation Engine is an easy-to use web application that lets you easily segment customers, ‘tag’ them according to key variables, and get deeper insights into patron behavior and value.

With ticket and donation data and sophisticated segmentation tools at your fingertips, you can improve marketing efficiency and effectiveness.  And it’s integrated with Tessitura, so that you can make practical use of your results in Lists, T-Stats and more. 

The Segmentation Engine is developed by Baker Richards and JCA, the companies behind the Revenue Management Application.  We’ve drawn on our work with hundreds of clients around the world to offer customer analysis you can use at the click of a mouse.

Included in Segmentation Engine 2.3:

Ready Made Segmentations

Making it easy to understand your customer base.  Including:

RFV Segmentation to rank all your constituents by a combination of recency, frequency, ticket value and donation value.

Annual Segmentation to understand booking behaviour within each year, plus customer ‘Flow’: Find the segments that this year’s subscribers were in last year, or what last year’s ‘oncers’ are doing now.


Customer Analytics

At-a-glance reporting includes Crossover and Churn. Get answers to questions like “What strands to people cross between?” or “Is our number of retained bookers rising?”.

Behavioral Variables

Automatically see your data broken down by frequency, time of booking, total value, yield, donation value and many more. Customize so that you can tag e.g. “Very early birds, “Infrequents” or “Bargain buyers”.


Integration with Tessitura

Send ‘tags’ and customer lists straight from the Segmentation Engine into Tessitura, so you can use them in mailing selections and T-Stats.


Repertoire Scoring

The Segmentation Engine allows you to add coding to your performances, including Repertoire Scoring.  Read more about the uses of Repertoire Scoring here .

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Custom Segmentation

As well as our ‘out of the box’ segmentations, we offer Custom Segmentations. Our consultants can find the behaviors most relevant for your organization. Or if you have an existing segmentation, this can be built into the Segmentation Engine.

Our Users

Our users across North America, Europe and Australasia include:

We are very excited by the potential offered by the Segmentation Engine.  We are currently using it to fine-tune selections, which is becoming ever more important as we try to move away from mass email blasts with low open rates.  We are looking forward to using the Segmentation Engine to help develop a more strategic data-driven approach to our CRM.

Becky Loftus, Head of Audience Insight,

Royal Shakespeare Company

The Churn and list export features are wonderful!  Using Segmentation Engine with T-Stats quickly helped us see what was the big draw and set focus on a large number of museum goers we need to bring back.

Terry Stevens, Director of Database Operations, Midland Center for the Arts


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